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World Ovarian Cancer Day is May 8th.


Ovarian Cancer Australia

Here at Plant Fetish, we are a strong supporter of Ovarian Cancer, trying to do our part at spreading awareness of this commonly not-thought about cancer.


What is Ovarian Cancer?


Ovarian cancer is a disease where some of the cells in one or both ovaries start to grow abnormally and develop into cancer. Learn the signs and symptoms, stages of ovarian cancer, risk reduction and prevention.

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Signs & Symptoms 


There is no early detection test for ovarian cancer, so all women need to be aware of the symptoms. The most commonly reported symptoms for ovarian cancer are:

  • Increased abdominal size or persistent abdominal bloating

  • Abdominal or pelvic (lower tummy) pain

  • Feeling full after eating a small amount

  • Needing to urinate often or urgently

Click here to see the full list of signs and symptoms.


About Ovarian Cancer Australia


Ovarian Cancer Australia is an independent national not-for-profit organisation, supporting women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Their focus is to provide care and support for those affected by ovarian cancer; and represent them by leading change. Their vision is to save lives and ensure no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone.

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Donate to Ovarian Cancer Australia

Please consider donating to help those living with ovarian cancer and to help find a cure.


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