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My Aquariums

Pictures and info on my Goldfish, Tropical and Marine aquariums.


My Goldfish Aquarium


My Goldfish aquarium was one of my tanks, it houses fifteen happy and healthy Goldfish that include three Comets, one Shubunkin, two Ranchu, two Rykin, one Black Moore, two Fantails, two Oranda one Blue and one Gold, one uncoloured bubble eye, one butterfly tail and two bristlenose catfish. The plants are thin vallisneria, vallisneria, java fern and a large amazon sword. The substrate is white, teal and blue pebbles.   


My Tropical Aquarium


My tropical/ community aquarium is one of my favourite set-ups it features: six Rummy Nose Tetras, six Long Fin Zebra Danios, three Angelfish, two Blue Mickey Mouse Platy, two Bristlenose Catfish, one Black Foot Mystery Snails, two Clown Loaches, four Tiger Barbs, six Black Widow Tetras, ten Harlequin Rasbora, one Male Dwarf Gourami, two Female Dwarf Gourami and two Discus'. The plants include anubias, hair grass, compact amazon swords, ambulia, mayaca, micranthemum monte carlo, java moss, rotala rotundifolia, coontail, thin vallisneria and pogostemon stellata. The substrate is Fluval plant and shrimp stratum.


New Aquarium


Coming Soon.

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My Marine Aquarium

My first marine aquarium, featuring live rock and mixed corals. Don't forget the fish, of course I have the most popular fish most of you would notice from the 'Finding Nemo and Dory' movies, a blue tang and clownfish. There are also a few damsels, yellow dwarf hermit crabs, sand shifting starfish as well as some snails and a seahorse. Plus a blue starfish, a yellow forcep fish and a saddle valentini puffer.


My Goldfish Pond


My goldfish pond is made in my old bath. It features great pond plants such as lily pads, papyrus, pond grass and yellow iris. The underwater of the pond has multiple hiding places, rocks and submersible pond lights to make it pop at night. It currently houses Comet and Shubunkin goldfish. 



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